Rules concerning the publication of a classified ad

-It is forbidden to make an advertisement to promote your own web site classified section, directory, forum, or competitor. can refuse, delete or suspend the publication of a classified ad without prior notice.

-It is forbidden to put an identical or similar advertisement to a classified ad already posted in the same section.

-It is forbidden to put a classified of a sexual character or containing sensuality out of the Dating section.

-It is forbidden to show images containing male or female genitals

-It is forbidden to put an Internet address into a classified ad, an image or a title.

-It is forbidden to put a banner (logo) image into a free classified.

-It is forbidden to put content that is defamatory or heinous with regard to individuals or to groups either in the advertisements or chat forums.

-It is forbidden to advertise if you are located outside of the geographical area of the actual city announced.

-It is forbidden to place an article or a service that is not situated in the specific area or city where you announced it.

-When you publish more than one ad in the same section on the same day, it is forbidden for the first image of one of these ads to be the same as the first image of your last 5 ads.

-All advertisements containing the following subjects are banned:


Stolen Items


Explosive products or demolition products

Materials made or to be used in a burglary

Blood products, body fluids and organs



-It is forbidden for a minor to place an advertisement in the Dating section.

-It is forbidden to make an advertisement that usurps the identity or the personal information of another person.

-The texts of advertisements as well as the images and videos published are considered as public information and thus this content is not associated in the parameters of confidentiality. reserves the right to refuse, delete or retain such information.

-The user of this site equally waives their right to exercise any legal recourse against in case of prosecution conducted by a third party against the result from utilization and / or illicit exploitation of the site.

-Note in regards to the publication of an add concerning renovation or construction:

Announcement from the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ)

According to the Building Act, no person may act as a building contractor, hold himself out to be such or give cause to believe that he is a building contractor, unless he holds a current licence for that purpose. According to paragraph 197.1 of the Building Act, this constitutes an infraction liable of a fine.